We provide excellent child care delivered by a 

caring, experienced and dedicated team  in 

the child's own comfortable home environment.

We offer specialised child care to children with any special or additional needs, but our staff have specific expertise in working with children with learning difficulties, Sensory disorders, Autistic Spectrum Condition and Down's syndrome.

We provide toys and games for toddlers.

For older children, services often include reading stories, child-centred education, playing with the children and meeting the children's basic needs while parents are away.

A Caterpillar Care child notebook is a key way to share our insights into your child’s learning and development. This would certainly help us determine how we can together support your child the way you like it.

We are also happy to provide child care for another sibling in the same session at an extra cost.

Our vision is that the best way for children to develop their skills and confidence and be happy is through play. So, we seriously play

but  don't play seriously.

Unfortunately we cannot provide personal

physical care at the moment.