Q: What is  your hourly rate?

A: It is negotiable based on  individual needs

Q: Do you offer your services  at the weekend?

A: Yes. But this is subject to a potential higher cost

Q: Do I bring my child to your place or do you come to our home?

A: Services are provided  in your own home

Q: What special needs do you cover?

A: Any special or additional needs, but with specific expertise  in working with children with learning difficulties, Sensory disorders, Autistic Spectrum Condition and Down's syndrome

Q: What age range do your services cover?

A: 3-12 years old

Q: Can you help with my child's learning?

A: Yes we can help with this. You need to provide us with your child's school reports and  targets. We follow the child’s EHCP

Q: What experience do your staff have?

A: We have personal and  professional experience working with children with Down’s syndrome and children on the Autistic spectrum. But our staff are continually active in professional development

Q: How do you guarantee my confidentiality?

A: It is  company policy to protect your confidentiality 

Q: Can I  arrange a one-off session?

A: Yes you can  arrange a certain number of hours or sessions without obligation

Q:I have a dog in the house, how do you feel about that?

A: All our staff are pets friendly

Q: Do you follow a certain schedule with certain tasks during the session?

A: No, all our services are child-oriented. We do our best to meet each child’s needs and requirements. We  build on  input from other agencies e.g. OT, SALT and  your child’s EHCP